REVIEWED! Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was directed by Steven Spielberg, and stars Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, and Alison Doody.

My favorite of this franchise used to flip back and forth between this one and Raiders of the Lost Ark. While I can say now that Raiders is my favorite, The Last Crusade is definitely still great. It feels a bit like a return to form.

The action sequences are still amazing and fun. The boat chase in Venice, the escape from Castle Brunwald, and the fight sequence on the Nazi tank are all awesome.

Of course, the score is phenomenal as well. John Williams is the man.

Indy and his father, Henry Jones Sr., bounce off of each other pretty well (as do most of the cast. The acting in this one is very good). The relationship between them is probably the highlight of this movie. The opening flashback sequence does a good job of showing us their relationship quickly and concisely, and it flows right into the rest of the movie.

I also liked that Elsa was a twist on the typical Indiana Jones female side character. She turned out to be evil. It was pretty cool.

The one problem I have with The Last Crusade is that some of the jokes get into an area of absurdity, like when Henry says to Indy something along the lines of “Doesn’t come closer than that!” and a bomb is dropped literally right in front of their car.

The ending of this movie is perfect. Indy literally rides into the sunset. The Last Crusade wrapped the Indiana Jones franchise up with a neat little bow.


And then they made a fourth one.

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